Crowd Funding

Mar 01, 2016

I cannot describe how this word terrorises me. I try to put it off as much as possible, until it is far too late, and then I am shocked that I have not raised any finances. This involves attending as many fundraising workshops as I can - as a form of therapy. It is pretty straightforward, according to many of the spokespeople: It’s all down to preparation.

Then come the success stories. Theatre company crowd funding went extremely well - they exceeded their budget and, secured a transfer to a West End Show! Gulp! Leaving those sessions, inspired to start my own campaign, I get lost in the simplest of things. What prizes should I offer to those willing to contribute? A signed script? An opportunity to sit in rehearsals, although that’s not always viable when you are in the atrium of the Southbank and ushered along as visitors are getting disturbed. On the topic of gifts, remember do offer what you say, otherwise this can lead to grim stories of heartache. If you promise a bottle of wine give that bottle of wine, even if it’s a cheap one and your offer an expensive replacement that simply won’t do. Friendships have been dangling on such things. Posters are a favourite, however more often than not no one wants to spend 20 pounds on a signed poster when no one has heard of any of the cast or production team (although don’t dismiss this completely - you will be surprised the poster itself can be a piece of art.)

Then, we’re told, self-promotion on video plays a key part. This is where you sell your show and where you entice the audience into investing in your production. Try a ‘relaxed’ approach, injected with a bit of humour, followed by the subject of the piece. But this may vary - if it is a war torn political piece, feign remorse and appear worthy! And if its a comedy or musical, best not sing a note from the show, that can produce severe irritation all round.

A few things to ponder, but I can say for sure that my poster is worth purchasing as the artwork is spectacular - and well worth the 20 Pounds!