Back stage gossip...

Feb 24, 2016

I feel I need to talk a bit about my long-suffering co producer Ken. Not only is he producing our piece Mind Games at the Camden Fringe this summer, but he is also writing and acting in another (more of that later) so yes he hands are full, yes he is the super organised one, with endless patience and a great work ethic.

We first met over 10 years ago at the fateful drama school near Kings Cross on the intensive summer course where I entered as a frightened rabbit caught in headlights and eager to please, desperation plays an important part when you are hoping to secure a place on the full time course and only a handful are selected. Troubling times - your 20s trying to enter the profession when all you want to do is write and direct yet somehow acting gets in the way.

Acting, or attempting to act, would describe my predicament; we both happened to be in the same acting group and were cast in Marin Crimps The Country. Ken took to his role well as the country doctor having an affair with a younger woman/patient. I on the other hand was to play a repressed wife in her 40s in the scene where the wife confronts her husband.

Many voice, dance, rehearsals were geared to the final performance a section of the scene, but needless to say rehearsals were not going particularly well on my part, directed by a man with high blood pressure which the slightest sound set him on edge, I was instructed to enter with a bag look inside and say something about how I had found out about my husband’s betrayal.

So, as ordered, I walked in opened the bag and peered in… enter the director screaming “This isn’t pantomime you are looking as if you have discovered a dinosaur’s head!!”. Needless to say the performance went downhill from there, and no I wasn’t asked back!

So from then onwards I became friends with Ken, and we have collaborated on several shows together. I don’t have any complaints –only perhaps our running joke that I hope he remembers his lines!!

So now Ken will be performing at The Pentameters Theatre in Easter 1916, where is has a large part and is directed by someone who I started working alongside as a trainee director. It will be a doddle, but his workload is not to be mocked, I don’t begrudge him in the slightest - acting producing and writing, all in one go. Hats off to Kenny!