The Fringe Experiment- First draft

Feb 16, 2016

This is the first time I have decided to do The Camden Fringe, where I let go of the reins and let someone else direct my piece. Most of my time on the circuit has included, producing, directing, running, dragging, and  holding the stage together. By the time the show is up I am finished mentally and physically - ready to collapse!

Not this time! No! This time I take the role of the writer and yes the role of the producer  (fear not I don't get out of everything being a masochist I have to keep myself in work to somehow to justify my existence)... So yes to write feels a bit strange, and now I get to see how the writer has felt working with me. I know I cannot bear the thought of words being chopped in the rehearsal room or that dreaded phrase used by actors  '..this doesn't work how about we change it to..' That cruel cut, and to sit there being graceful about it all makes me itch furiously triggering a eczema flare up! But no I will sit there with a pained smile and see how we can come to a 'compromise'.

Then when I watch the director snatch the script from my hands and make their own decisions about how it should be done, I will have to let them get on with it, not leap onto the stage and say how about you try it that way, because if that happened to me I would have stormed to the nearest SM (stage manager) to say how awful they had behaved - and if they wanted to direct why didn't they do it in the first place!

This is a test to learn how to let the staff do their job, the writer is there to write and the director is there to direct, lets not blur lines as that can be stressful and agonising. So off now to pen the piece: that would help! After a quick chat with my co-producer, "Kenny!"